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Laser tag is a unique and exciting way to bring your team together and promote teamwork and communication. By running around and trying to “tag” opponents with lasers, employees are forced to work together, communicate effectively, and come up with strategies to be successful.

Laser tag is also a physically active activity, which can be a great way to get employees moving and energized. So why not consider offering laser tag as a team-building activity for your organization? Your employees are sure to have a blast!

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What we offer

Laser Tag Team Building

  • Laser Tag Arena for up to 14 players at a time
  • A selection of other activities such as air hockey, mini golf & arcades
  • Entertainment Centre capacity of up to 30
  • Bespoke discounted packages are available
  • Private hire is also available

Escape Room Team Building

  • Capacity of up to 100 players at one time
  • Over a dozen experiences to choose from
  • Outside-of-the-box thinking
  • Engaging and mentally stimulating activity
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Axe Throwing Team Building

  • Capacity of up to 16 players at a time
  • 30-75 Minute sessions available
  • A new skill & exciting activity
  • Physically stimulating activity
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Team Building

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