As part of The Panic Room’s expansion, it announced back in December 2021 that it would be opening an Entertainment Centre featuring a range of different activities. From there we got to work, gradually putting together our plans, layouts, hiring our crew, and getting to work.

Early on in the process we sat down with Kent Messenger to discuss some of our plans, check out the article below:

This is one of the largest projects we have undertaken in our 7 years of existence, it was certainly a challenge but we love what we ended up with!

The Guns:
The core of laser tag is the guns, they have to look the part and feel the part. During our research and development, we found that many systems on offer didn’t quite cut it and felt more like toys that would ultimately get damaged and not be as fun to use. After attending many expo’s we happened upon a local company that manufactured them right here in Kent!

Working closely with them we made sure we got just the right package with just the right settings so really make the system work for us. Primarily used for outdoor laser tag, our system is as robust as it comes featuring many easy-to-change settings, game modes and extra game elements.

It also has a unique feature called Hypershock which players could purchase as an additional extra. It consists of 2 pads on your shoulder blades that every time you get shot, you get shocked. Suffice to safe, Monique and I had a lot of fun testing this out on each other in the warehouse!

Set Design:
With our background in Escape Rooms, the set design was very important to us. Too often have we played in laser tag arenas with just MDF walls painted black and a bit of neon paint and lights around.

We always try to be different and so the painstaking decoration of the arena began. Sourcing many different textures, props, colours, and techniques we started to piece together what eventually became our arena.

Monique painstakingly hand-painted the arena with the finest details, no wallpaper here! Each brick was hand painted, check out her handiwork below

You know that we always like to make an entrance, and with Panic Stations it was no different! The entrance to the arena is in a train carriage which ofcourse needed sliding train doors and all the bells & whistles. We enlisted the help of local company Signs & Imaging to print and install the epic sign above the door too giving that finish touch. Here is a mid-construction image of it!

Lighting is always important to get just the right vibe, so across the arena we ensured to use just the right mix of localised lighting with neon signs within the marketplace of the arena as well as set RGB lighting to ensure that areas are lit enough to look the part but not too bright to ruin the laser tag combat atmosphere. A fine balance to be sure but we are happy with how it turned out and simply meant that pretty much any angle you took a photo of the arena, it was bound to look eye-catching.

Sound design:
Sound is another important aspect of a Laser Tag arena, it’s bizarre to us that some arenas don’t even play music! We carefully handpicked and licensed just the right soundtrack for our arena, no Top 40 hits or the same bleeps and bloops on a loop. We collected an array of heart-pumping cyberpunk music and soundscapes to really drive the action as players make their way around the arena on their missions.

Not only is it about having the right music but also the right system, speakers, and positioning, with a powerful system pumping into the arena it was important to get the positioning right. We ensured to make sure the placement was just right so that in no place in the arena was the music either too quiet or too loud if in a particular area. This meant wherever you are, it’s just at the right level!

The Lobby:

It’s important to get the lobby right too, of course, we endeavored to make a welcoming environment that really felt like a premium space. A fully stocked cafe with top of the line coffee machine, with a range of other activities to play. We now have an awesome mini arcade featuring nearly 50 different games to play, plus state of art Mini Golf and Augmented Reality Air Hockey.

Want to see more behind the scenes? Check out this piece that Kent Messenger did on us:

So do you reckon you are up for some laser combat in our epic arena? Click Here to book now!

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