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Game modes suitable for all group sizes, perfect for newbies or veterans alike.
Unique game modes and scenarios, explore and get upgrades to turn the tide of battle.
Hypershock pads are available for all game modes, when you get shot, you get shocked!
Exciting & Electrifying


The Panic Room Gravesend has been hard at work developing the Panic Stations arena and its range of game modes. So if you are coming to visit our Gravesend Laser Tag, then you will be pleased to hear we will have all of the classics as well as new & exclusive designs & game modes.

Above all, we put the focus on fun! As part of your 60-minute session, you create a playlist of your favourite Laser Tag game modes as well as be able to try new ones.

If you are a first-timer or Laser Tag veteran, we have something to suit everyone. In addition to standard game modes, you will also be able to play some of our exclusive puzzle game modes that allow us to differ from many other Laser Tag venues.

Our Cyberpunk-themed laser tag arena is perfect for friends who want to have a fun time. The arena is filled with obstacles and targets for players to hide behind and shoot at, making for a challenging and exciting game. The benefits of playing at Panic Stations are that it is a great way to relieve stress, get some exercise, and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Without a doubt, these are experiences not to be missed!

Panic Stations - Game Mode Playlist

At Panic Stations, we run an epic playlist of experiences that allows you to explore the whole arena with a range of exciting modes for your 1 hour session

1. 2 Sessions Of Team Deathmatch
2. Capture The Flag
3. Domination
4. Zombies
5. Player Choice

Want to play different games or a different order? Just ask on the day!

More On The Way!

There are more modes on the way and are constantly developing, especially for competitive ones. We are also very open to feedback, so if there is something that you want to see, let us know and drop us a message.

There will always be new and exciting modes and items in addition to our current ones to try every time you visit, and we hope to see you soon!

Finally, are you looking for something different? We are pleased to announce that we will also offer a full 60-minute Escape Room game playable inside the arena. Click Here To Book